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NCC TAXI MILANO from MASSIMO D'ORIA is a company offering chauffeur-driven car rental services. We have been operating in the transport industry since 1996, and with the organisational skills that we have gained over the years we are on hand to meet all your needs, whether you're travelling for business or pleasure.

With our expertise, quality, efficiency, timeliness, reliability and discretion, not to mention the professionalism we have acquired over the years, we are ready to help your staff or clients get to any destination, both in Italy and abroad throughout Europe. Our prestigious luxury cars offer comfort and safety, as do our professionally-qualified staff, who always aim to satisfy your every need.

Renting a chauffeur-driven car guarantees our clients the kind of comfort and safety that only a luxury car and superb staff can offer.


NCC TAXI MILANO from MASSIMO D'ORIA manages and organises chauffeur-driven car rental services in Milan, transfers to and from Linate, Malpensa and Orio al Serio airports, transfer to and from train stations, and journeys to other set locations such as meeting places or events like festivals, conferences and concerts. We use high-quality cars and can provide English-speaking drivers on request. You can rely on us to handle your entire travel plan, which we can personalise specially for your clients.

Looking for a taxi to Rho Fiera Milano? Book with NCC TAXI MILANO from MASSIMO D'ORIA and you'll know exactly how much your journey will cost you in advance. You can request a quote by filling in the contact form; that way, you can find out the cost of the journey straight away, which means no more checking the meter and no unpleasant surprises! In addition, you get to travel in safe and comfortable cars for a chauffeur-driven rental with a focus on maximum comfort. All the vehicles in our fleet are thoroughly serviced on a regular basis, so you can take a safe, soothing and satisfying trip. Our highly professional staff can take you wherever you wish to go, choosing the optimum route. Book your taxi with NCC TAXI MILANO from MASSIMO D'ORIA and you can be sure of arriving safely and on time for a fixed price, as well as travelling in comfortable and practical luxury cars.

NCC TAXI MILANO from MASSIMO D'ORIA is on hand to organise your journeys to and from all major PORTS and TRAIN STATIONS in Italy and throughout Europe. Our services are aimed at anyone who needs to travel, whether for business or pleasure. You can choose the service that you want or need from among the many that we offer: cars, minibuses, buses, luxury cars and limousines - all with a chauffeur.

If you choose our chauffeur-driven rental services you will be in the hands of our skilled, licensed staff, who hold municipal permits to access limited traffic zones and fast lanes. Our services can be booked in advance and are available 24/7, for however long you need. You can choose between various executive cars, or opt for our luxury range. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed comprehensive insurance cover for a completely safe and comfortable journey.

With NCC TAXI MILANO from MASSIMO D'ORIA you can optimise your time: you won't have problems with arriving late, parking spaces, parking meters, limited traffic zones, private traffic bans, fines etc.

A full range of services

NCC TAXI MILANO from MASSIMO D'ORIA offers its customers a full range of services:

  • Chauffeur-driven cars, people carriers and minibuses available to help you get around the city
  • Mercedes vehicles for city-to-city transfers
  • Shuttle services for all your business needs
  • Business trips
  • Daily car rental for meetings, conferences and congresses
  • Chauffeur-driven executive car services
  • Chauffeur-driven shuttle bus services
  • Airport transfers
  • Airport greeting service
  • Chauffeur provided with your vehicle
  • Access to fast lanes and limited traffic zones
  • Chauffeur-driven car rental for weddings
  • Cultural city tours
  • Transfers to/from the city centre, airports, ports, train stations, hospitals, shopping centres, exhibition centres, industrial and artistic facilities, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, events, etc.
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Transfers to holiday resorts
  • Short breaks and extended trips throughout Italy and abroad
  • Pick-up and delivery service for urgent/confidential documents or packages, or any other service you require
  • We can accompany you on shopping sprees, errands and pleasure trips, and to appointments, ceremonies, weddings, parties, discos, nightclubs and casinos (you won't have to worry about being breathalysed on the way home, and your family can sleep in peace)

Our goals:

  • We have reasonable fixed prices that offer significant savings for businesses, and for tourists visiting the country.
  • We guarantee to satisfy all your business and private needs.
  • We provide a professional, discreet and on-time service.


Our rates - Convenience without surprises

What is chauffeur-driven car rental?

Chauffeur-driven car rental is a very convenient public transport service whereby you can rent a car which comes with a personal driver. By booking in advance, you get a tailored service adapted to meet all your needs, no matter what the occasion. All options can be considered in advance - you can get suggestions, analyse and plan your trip, resulting in a personalised service at a fixed cost.

How much does it cost?

Chauffeur-driven car rental is considered a luxury service due to the cars used and the quality of the service provided, but from a financial point of view it can be very cost-efficient since all the options are considered in advance so that a fixed price can be agreed upon. You therefore get a personalised service without any unpleasant surprises on your bill. Our standard fares include fuel and motorway tolls in Italy, while excluding any motorway tolls abroad, charges for ferries and tunnels, car parking, additional services, and fees for entering historic town centres and limited traffic zones (if necessary). For direct, non-stop journeys outside of cities, the fare is calculated per kilometre. Any extension of the rental period and/or request for additional services must be mutually agreed upon.

Who is it for?

Chauffeur-driven car rental is a service that anyone can use. It meets the needs of both businesses and private customers, ensuring a quick, safe and comfortable journey. We are happy to take care of:

  • Transfers to and from all airports in Lombardy (and others, to be agreed in advance)
  • Transfers to and from all train stations in Lombardy (and others, to be agreed in advance)
  • Minibus transfers for work events or family outings
  • Excursions throughout Lombardy and to all the best-known Italian and European cities
  • Travel to sporting events, trade fairs or to go shopping wherever you wish
  • We also guarantee a safe and professional transport service for those with restricted mobility
  • NCC TAXI MILANO from MASSIMO D'ORIA guarantees a safe and professional transport service for those with restricted mobility.

    Contact us for more information.


    Here at MASSIMO D'ORIA's NCC TAXI MILANO, we want to be the go-to partner for all your transport needs.That's why we maintain extremely competitive, personalised price lists so that you can benefit from a quality service at a price that's right for you.Contact us to let us know your requirements and we will get back to you promptly with a service that's made-to-measure just for you.If you've always thought that renting a car would be more expensive than buying one, think about all the costs that a car can generate over the years and your actual travel needs. You'll be surprised to discover that the solution we offer actually saves you time and money!

    The ongoing rental service we offer is aimed at both private and business and is beneficial for several reasons:

    • You can have a car at your disposal, but won't have to put down a deposit or worry about possible interest on a loan.
    • You pay a fixed amount for the period in which you need the vehicle, so you can budget accordingly.
    • You pay an "all inclusive" one-off charge for the entire rental. Everything is really included in the price, there are no operating costs and you save time as a result. Insurance, road tax, servicing: we take care of everything!
    • You have a guaranteed means of transport at your disposal, which is regularly checked and serviced with no unexpected maintenance costs. Roadside assistance is included and a replacement vehicle is always available if needed.
    • You don't have to take into account any of the risks that come with buying or owning the vehicle, since it belongs to NCC TAXI MILANO.


    Chauffeur-driven transfers to and from Milan's airports and train stations are one of the main services offered by NCC TAXI MILANO from MASSIMO D'ORIA.

    NCC TAXI MILANO from MASSIMO D'ORIA offers a stylish, discreet service to transform your journey to or from the airport into a little moment of relaxation and tranquillity, to allow you to fully enjoy the excitement of your trip in your own classy style.

    However, the service offered by NCC TAXI MILANO from MASSIMO D'ORIA is not limited to a simple chauffeur-driven transfer to and from the airport or hotel. We can organise a series of journeys, with places and times arranged in advance, in order to provide all-round professional assistance which is discreet and fully personalised to suit your needs.

    All the vehicles owned by NCC TAXI MILANO from MASSIMO D'ORIA are suitable for transfers to and from Milan's airports and train stations, for personal or business trips, and for all day journeys or multi-day trips to any destination, providing maximum safety and privacy.

    Discover the services that NCC TAXI MILANO from MASSIMO D'ORIA offers its customers. Our services, organised by type, cover a wide range:

    • BUSINESS: For businesses, we have chauffeur-driven cars available for transfers to/from airports, trade fairs and convention centres, as well as for longer journeys
    • TOURISM: Transfers to/from airports, shopping sprees, city tours, excursions, visits to monuments, long journeys and chauffeur-driven car rental
    • PRIVATE CUSTOMERS: chauffeur-driven cars for trips to clinics and hospitals, special travel requirements, personal dinners and long journeys
    • WEDDINGS AND EVENTS: Chauffeur-driven cars available for weddings, ceremonies and events
    • DELIVERIES: pick-up, transportation and delivery of small, urgent and "confidential" packages
    • BRING THEM WITH YOU!: we can transport small and medium size pets


    Quality and professionalism are our watchwords. Our aim is to satisfy all your transportation needs, starting out from wherever you are and taking you all the way to your destination.


    We offer chauffeur-driven car rental services designed to ensure maximum comfort for our passengers


    Our driver will arrive promptly to greet you at the airport, port or train station, and take you to your destination without waiting around

    Bring them with you everywhere!

    If you travel with your pets, you don't need to worry. NCC TAXI MILANO from MASSIMO D'ORIA can also transport small and medium size pets

    Companies which offer services like NCC TAXI MILANO from MASSIMO D'ORIA throughout Italy use highly-experienced professional drivers (they must have a Certificate of Professional Competence) and provide cars fitted with every comfort, in addition to minibuses that hold up to 8 passengers, and finally buses.

    You can call NCC TAXI MILANO from MASSIMO D'ORIA at any time of the day for a quote, to make a booking, or to immediately get hold of a comfortable chauffeur-driven car at a competitive price.

    And don't forget that NCC TAXI MILANO from MASSIMO D'ORIA guarantees: on time, professional journeys thanks to its skilled and discreet drivers, and a supremely comfortable ride thanks to cars chosen from among the most comfortable and elegant models made by the finest manfacturers.

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