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Milan is the financial capital of Italy. This dynamic city is famed for its nightlife and its many sites of historical and artistic interest. Don't miss the world-famous Duomo (the city's cathedral) and the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci - these works alone are capable of attracting millions of tourists from around the world every year. For a stress-free tour, though, you need to know the exact location of the tourist hotspots, as well as being able to get yourself out of the city's maze of busy streets.

NCC TAXI MILANO from MASSIMO D'ORIA offers you an exclusive chauffeur-driven car rental service. Our driver will be completely at your disposal, and will accompany you on an unforgettable tour with the emphasis on relaxation and comfort. You will be picked up directly from your hotel and taken on an enjoyable tour that can be personalised according to your preferences. Our chauffeur-driven car rental allows anyone to get around Milan and the surrounding areas, offering a viable and attractive alternative compared to traditional taxis. We guarantee maximum comfort, safety and punctuality, all for a pre-arranged price which remains fixed.

The chauffeur-driven rental service provided by NCC TAXI MILANO from MASSIMO D'ORIA specialises in tours of Milan, and offers its customers a wide range of possible sights, depending on their interests and preferences. The endless possibilities that Milan offers for tours are all taken into account by our experienced drivers, who have all been behind the wheel for a long time. They are very knowledgeable about the city and what it has to offer: the result is a unique combination, a happy medium between classic routes and "trendy" itineraries. The variety of routes that we can offer is made possible thanks to our chauffeur-driven rental licence, which allows us to access all of Milan's most central (and therefore least accessible) sites. The chances are that NCC TAXI MILANO from MASSIMO D'ORIA will be the most fitting choice for your needs, and it is also the best way to get to know the city when you are only staying for a short while. Furthermore, by letting us know in advance you can request tickets for museums, theatres or cinemas, which will be delivered directly by our driver, without additional fees, thus avoiding unnecessary and stressful queues.


Below are just some of the possibilities:

  • THE DA VINCI TRAIL WITH A CHAUFFEUR-DRIVEN CAR FROM NCC TAXI MILANO: a cultural itinerary taking in many places where Leonardo da Vinci left his mark, and where his works are preserved;
  • THE PECK GOOD FOOD TOUR WITH A CHAUFFEUR-DRIVEN CAR FROM NCC TAXI MILANO: a journey in search of food and wine, focusing on a mixture of traditional and unusual places, such as the open-air fish market where you can sample dishes cooked on the spot.
  • THE QUADRILATERO DELLA MODA (FASHION QUARTER): Via Montenapoleone, Via Manzoni, Via Sant'Andrea and Via della Spiga are the fashion heart of the city, along with the surrounding streets. WITH A CHAUFFEUR-DRIVEN CAR FROM NCC TAXI MILANO, take a shopping tour in the capital of fashion and "made in Italy" style.
  • AROUND THE NAVIGLI (CANALS) WITH A CHAUFFEUR-DRIVEN CAR FROM NCC TAXI MILANO: a tour of Milan's nightlife, for those who like to stay out late in good company.

Here are some must-see places to visit in Milan

  • THE DUOMO (CATHEDRAL): the symbol of the city, topped by the Madonnina, a famous statue of the Virgin Mary in gold-plated copper. It is one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in Italy and Europe, designed and built in 1387 by an organisation called the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo, which is still involved in its maintenance to this day. The roof offers a breathtaking view of the city!
  • CHURCH OF SAN MAURIZIO AL MONASTERO MAGGIORE: located in central Milan on the corner of Via Luini and Corso Magenta. It is known as the "Sistine Chapel" of Milan because of its beautiful frescoes.
  • GALLERIA VITTORIO EMANUELE II: this arcade, dedicated to the king who inaugurated it in 1867, was built to link Piazza Duomo and La Scala (the nearby opera house). Today it is full of trendy shops and cafes: don't forget the good luck ritual of spinning around three times with your right heel on a specific part of the mosaic depicting a bull...we'll leave it to you to find out which part exactly!
  • CASTELLO SFORZESCO: built in 1368 as a fortress at the behest of the Visconti, the Sforza family then turned it into one of the most beautiful Renaissance residences in Europe. Don't miss the works by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Mantegna and Bramantino inside.
  • BRERA ART GALLERY AND DISTRICT: see Italy's fine artistic heritage with works by its greatest artists. Built on the site of an ancient monastery, today it also houses the Brera Academy, the Lombardy Institute of Science and Letters, the Brera Astronomical Museum and Botanical Garden, the Brera Astronomical Observatory and the Friends of Brera Association.
  • LA SCALA OPERA HOUSE: built on the ashes of the Teatro Ducale, which was destroyed in 1776. Check it out inside too!
  • PIAZZA GAE AULENTI: located 6 metres above street level, this is one of Milan's newest squares. Inaugurated in December 2012, it is now the symbol of contemporary Milan.
  • DIALOGO NEL BUIO (DIALOGUE IN THE DARK): you do not have to see to look beyond! It's not a simulation of blindness, but rather an invitation to experience how our perception of reality and the message can "quite easily" be different. Millions of visitors have trusted the voice of a non-seeing guide to go beyond the darkness of appearances. After 10 years, it has become part of Milan's cultural heritage.
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