Chauffeur-driven car rental fares and list of services

PAYMENT By credit card, bank transfer or cash

Fares and list of services

If you're looking for a licensed taxi or chauffeur-driven car rental firm based in Milan and the surrounding province, you've found the right partner in NCC TAXI MILANO from MASSIMO D'ORIA, for all your private and business travel needs. A luxury taxi service based in Milan is the ideal solution if you want to get from one part of the city to another efficiently, and with a touch of class. Fixed costs for a high-quality taxi service in Milan.
We accept all major credit cards.
Clear and transparent fares.

Our fares do not include: tolls for tunnels and ferries, tickets to enter cities where necessary, lunches and overnight stays for our drivers when needed.

from central Milan to Linate From €40
from central Milan to Malpensa From €95
from central Milan to Orio al Serio From €105
from central Milan to Rho Fiera From €50
from Milan to Monza From €50
from Malpensa to Linate From €120
from Malpensa to Orio al Serio From €150
from Malpensa to Rho Fiera From €70
from Malpensa to Monza From €100
from Linate to Orio al Serio From €110
from Linate to Rho Fiera From €55
from Linate to Monza From €50
from Orio al Serio to Rho Fiera From €120
from Orio al Serio to Monza From €100

For other journeys, you can contact us using the form or you can call or send a text message to +39338 966 5945


  • Holiday rates: 50% is automatically added to the standard fare (Sundays and regular public holidays: Christmas, Ferragosto (August 15th), New Year, etc.).
  • Night-time rates: from 10pm to 6am, an additional 20% is added to the standard fare.
  • Upon request, we can provide drivers who speak English, Russian, French and Spanish. You can specify this requirement when booking online. The extra charge for this service will be quoted for separately.
  • Cancellation: you must inform us if you wish to cancel at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, you will be charged for the service.

If you wish to transport small and medium pets, you should specify this when booking. There is no additional fee if they are accompanied by the owner.

Payment Methods

All major credit cards are accepted
Payment by bank transfer and/or credit card is due when your booking is confirmed.

Our IBAN is as follows:IT24J0623001628000043747954

Our chauffeur-driven rental fares are afforable, with no surprises.
Using a convenient rental car with a personal driver is often cheaper and more practical than calling a taxi, especially for longer journeys.
The cost of each service is calculated on the basis of precise public tariffs specified in advance, so you'll never have to watch the meter ticking over while your vehicle is stuck in traffic.
You will soon come to realise that the cost of a chauffeur-driven rental car is not much higher than maintaining your own private (mid-high range) vehicle. In fact, you can see this immediately by using two practical tools provided by the ACI (Automobile Club d'Italia) and Michelin. These allow you to calculate the cost per kilometre for your private car over the entire route + tolls (the latter is automatically included by the Michelin tool).
When it comes to our long-term services, we apply discounts and have many beneficial agreements for both private customers and businesses.
Our services cover the whole of Italy and also all the major European airports.


Invoices are only issued if requested. This should be specified in the Notes field when booking/purchasing together with your personal information, or by sending an email containing all the details for the invoice header: full name, company name, billing address, and VAT number. In this case, and only in this case, 10% VAT is applied.


Rental customers are forbidden from:

  • smoking during the journey;
  • throwing objects from the vehicle, both when stationary and in motion;
  • staining, soiling or damaging the vehicle;
  • asking to be transported in a way that violates safety regulations and/or the Highway Code.


ach passenger may carry up to two items of luggage. Any excess baggage e.g. skis and equipment, must be declared at the time of booking/purchase (by selecting the appropriate option, and/or specifying it in the notes), to ensure that the chosen car is able to carry it.
Our drivers reserve the right to decide whether to carry bulky items which were not declared, excess bags, or anything which may not allow for a completely safe journey (broken, dirty or wet bags, etc.).
The customer can cancel their reservation by writing to us.
The chauffeur-driven car rental service or additional services may be cancelled with no penalty up to 12 hours prior to the start of the service.
For cancellations up to 6 hours prior to the start of the service, a penalty of 50% of the service cost will be applied.
Any cancellation later than 6 hours before the start of the service incurs a fee equal to the total cost of the service.
If the customer does not show up to their appointment with the driver within an hour of their flight landing or by an hour later than the scheduled time, and fails to contact us within the same time period, the driver will leave the pick-up location and the full cost of the service will be charged.


NCC TAXI MILANO DI MASSIMO D'ORIA is committed in every reasonable way to ensuring that its vehicles, and/or vehicles driven by external collaborators, arrive on time, both in terms of departing and arriving at their destination. However, it cannot be held responsible for delays caused by force majeure (weather, socio-political events).
Passengers' property is transported entirely under the responsibility of the passenger, who declares that it is his/her property when the vehicle is loaded.
Please check that your luggage is on board before departing - liability for loss or damage will not be accepted, and all items are transported at your own risk.
The company is not liable for any damage, loss and/or theft of luggage.
It is compulsory for clients to report to us in writing as soon as possible any problems arising from poor service or shortcomings directly attributable to our actions.
We will take action to quickly resolve any inconvenience and ensure customer satisfaction.
These conditions of carriage and all related services abide by the laws governing the sale of services in Italy; this ensures the protection of the passenger and his/her luggage.

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